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Fort McClellan conspiracy hidden in plain sight

The VA has mastered the shell game of sending veterans down the wrong path to have their claims denied. Find out how you can change their tone with information we found.


The Research

We uncovered critical information buried deep in the National Archives that the government did not want you to learn about.

How We Can Help

We now have proof what was used on the base, how it was used, and how it could be the root cause for so many to understand what is causing serious disabilities.

The Speakers

Matthew Hill

Matthew is a peer recognized authority on VA law. He has authored several books on VA service connected benefits & has represented numerous veterans in their fight for the VA Compensation they deserve.

Kerry Baker

Kerry is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps in which he served from 1987 to 1998. He is an expert in the field of toxic exposures, and personally visited the National Archives to uncover the truth.