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Equip yourself with vital intel like acronyms, terms, and tools to guide you through the confusing VA claim process to receive the benefits you deserve.

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This 107-page guide will cover important information you need to know to help get your VA disability claim adjudicated in a timely manner.

Evidence To Support Your Claim - Get your VA disability claims process off on the right start. Learn what evidence you need to supply the VA to file a claim for service connection with disabilities.

C&P Examination Preparation - Set yourself up for success with proper supportive documents, evidence, and tips to ensure your C&P exam goes smoothly.

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Bill Dozier, MSGT USMC (RET)

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The Rating Decision - Understand what your Rating Decision means to you and your disability claim. Plus, learn how to appeal your Rating Decision if needed.

Hiring An Attorney - Get honest advice on when you do and don’t need to hire an attorney for your disability claim.

Common VA Abbreviations & Acronyms - Don’t get confused by the VA's standard abbreviations and acronyms during your disability claim.

Common Forms - You will learn the names and meaning of standard forms you will see during your claims process.

Common Medical Abbreviations - Know what common medical abbreviations mean so you can be confident at each stage of the disability claim process.